The #RightToRepair

Repair is for everyone.

The Right to Repair is a global movement launched by consumers, businesses, educators, and policymakers to help you fix the things that you own. For a whole host of reasons, the things that surround us are becoming increasingly difficult to fix.

Repair can extend the lifespan of products, sustain independent businesses, help get crucial healthcare equipment back online faster, and support technological literacy to build healthy democracies. CanRepair is advocating for policy reforms at the municipal, provincial and federal levels to ensure that everyone can access the parts, tools, and information needed to conduct repairs.

Repair and the environment

Repair is good for the planet. Repair can extend the lifespan of many products. While recycling can help reduce the impact on the planet, it is no match for finding an alternative to replacement. Planned or programmed obsolescence, the inability to find replacement parts, and rigid warranty rules can all mean that many products and devices end up in landfills.

Repair and a healthy economy

Repair builds healthy competition. Repair information, diagnostic tools, replacement parts, and schematic diagrams can be crucial for independent repairers to conduct their businesses. A healthy secondary market for repair gives Canadian consumers wider choice when it comes to repairs, reduces costs, and provides access to repair for people in remote communities.

Repair and healthcare

Repair can save lives. The current COVID-19 global pandemic has brought to light the crucial nature of healthcare equipment such as sterilizers and ventilators. These are often complex, computerized devices which can be difficult to repair due to a lack of information or contractual restrictions on who can repair them.

Repair and education

Repair is an educational tool. In fixing things, we learn something new. Educational programs which promote technological literacy, computer science skills, and problem solving require the ability to diagnose and repair equipment and devices.