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Join our Working Group!

The CanRepair Working Group meets  on the third Tuesday of every month at 3:00pm Eastern to share information, updates, and opportunities to speak up about the #RightToRepair. 
We are looking for Repair advocates and enthusiasts to join us and share insights and information about Repair initiatives happening in your community,  province, or territory. There is no obligation to attend every meeting. We are particularly interested in voices and perspectives that are underrepresented in our movement, including indigenous perspectives, and those from rural and remote communities (including Canada's North).

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Become a Provincial/Territorial Representative

As Canada's voice for the #RightToRepair, we are seeking provincial and territorial representatives to join our organization and to shape its priorities and objectives. 
Across the country, Canadians and independent businesses face unique barriers to repair, and have taken on the challenge of achieving the #RightToRepair in creative and innovative ways. 
We want to hear from you, learn from you, and make sure that the fight for Canada's #RightToRepair represents every region and community in the country.

Are you a Canadian repair advocate looking to voice your concerns and that of your province, territory, or region? Consider joining CanRepair as a Representative for your community, province, or region.

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Share your repair story!

The #RightToRepair impacts so many different industries, products, sectors, industries, and contexts. We want to hear about your repair story. What are the roadblocks you've experienced in repairing something, or having it repaired by a professional? How did repair make a difference in your life, or someone that you helped? We want to hear about it!
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