The Canadian Repair Coalition

Let's fix things. Together.


The Canadian Repair Convention
Location: Western University (London, Ontario)
Date: 25 October 2024

Assembling advocates for the Right to Repair from coast to coast to coast.

We believe that the right to repair is an issue that impacts all of us. Whether you represent a non-profit organization, an innovative new company, or are citizen ready to advocate for repair reforms in Canada, we want to hear from you.

Repair is our future.


Increased repairability extends the lifespan of products, decreases waste, and lessens harmful extraction of raw materials. To fix our planet, we need to fix our world.


Repair creates local jobs,  offers consumers greater choice, and reduces operating costs for organizations.  Building a resilient economy in the 21st century means broadening access to repairing essential equipment and devices.


Repair decentralizes knowledge and increases participation in technical processes. It results in knowledge transfer, mentorship, and learning. These are the essential building blocks of strong communities equipped for today's digital world.

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